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  • Conforms to IEEE802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE802.3ab, IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.3z, IEEE802.3af/at/bt, IEEE802.3ad
  • Provides 48 10/100/1000Base-T ports and 4 10Gigabit SFP+
  • Provides 48 PoE ports,1-4 ports support IEEE802.3af/at/bt, 5-48 ports support IEEE802.3af/at, 750W Built-in power supply
  • High back-plane bandwidth 176Gbps
  • IEEE802.3x Flow control
  • Surge protection for power port and data ports

48-Port PoE + 4-Port Uplink

● 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports
● IEEE 802.3af / 802.3at / 802.3bt compliant
● 720W total PoE power supply.
● Ideal for installing 48 PoE devices

● Auto-sensing technology delivers up to 90W of power to an 802.3bt PoE ++ device with backward compatibility for 802.3at PoE+ (30W) and 802.3af PoE (15.4W) devices

Highlight Features

● 4 x 10G SFP Slots

● 1-4 ports support IEEE802.3af/at/bt

● 5-48 ports support IEEE802.3af/at

● Support for the 19-inch cabinet installation

● Support desktop installation

Heat Dissipation

● Made of high-quality metal case, sturdy and durable with long service life, provide better heat dissipation, suitable for most environment.

● Built-in fan and venting holes help to dissipate heat quickly and ensure stable product operation

FS1010P-08 GS1010P-380X380-10

High Quality TPS PoE chipset inside

● High Quality TPS PoE chipset inside ensure High performance and stable operation of the product.

Auto-sensing technology

● The port power prioritization technology ensures the continuous power supply of the key nodes.

Lightning protection

● Electrostatic standard: contact 6KV, air 8KV

● MTBF > 50000 hour

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Model   GS2048PS4
Fixed port 48 10/100/1000Base-T ports
4 10Gigabit SFP+ ports
1 Console port
1 USB port
1 Reset hole
LED Indicators PWR, PoE, Link/Act LED
Input voltage 100V~240V AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption 750W (720W for PoE)
CPU 400MHz ARM Cortex-A9
DDR 2G DDR3 800MHz
RAM 256Mbits
Flash Memory 64Mbits
Operating temperature 0°C~40°C
Storage temperature -40°C~70°C
Relative humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Thermal methods Built-in FAN
PoE port 48 PoE ports. 
1-4 ports support IEEE802.3af/at/bt,
5-48 ports support IEEE802.3af/at
PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af/at/bt
Pin assignment IEEE 802.3af/at/: 2 pairs
V+ (RJ45 Pin 3, 6), V- (RJ45 Pin 1, 2)
IEEE 802.3bt/: 4 pairs
V+ (RJ45 Pin 1, 2), V- (RJ45 Pin 3, 6)
V+ (RJ45 Pin 4, 5), V- (RJ45 Pin 7, 8)
PoE management Support Port-base PoE status view and control
L2 Switching
Switching capacity 176Gbps
Packet Buffer 16Mbits
Throughput 130.944Mpps
Port configuration
Port auto-negotiation Support
Port flow control Support full duplex IEEE802.3x flow control
Support Half-duplex back pressure flow control
Broadcast storm control Support broadcast, multicast, DLF packet rate limit
Port Mirroring Support
Port Isolation Support
Port Self-loop Detection Support
Link Aggregation Supports up to 128 aggregation groups, each group supports up to 8 ports  
Jumbo Frame Jumbo packets up to 12K bytes
Redundant port Support
MAC configuration
MAC address table 32K
MAC address table management Support
Static MAC address Support
MAC Address Binding Support
MAC Address Filtering Support
MAC Address Learning control Control number of port-based MAC address learning
VLAN configuration
Number of VLANs 4K
Port-based VLAN Support
802.1q VLANs Support
MAC-based VLAN Support
IP-based VLAN Support
Protocol-based VLAN Support
Voice VLAN Support
VLAN mapping Support
QinQ Support
Reliability Protocol
Spanning Tree Protocol Support STP/RSTP/MSTP
EAPS Protocol Support
ERPS Protocol Support G.8032/Y.1344
UDLP Protocol Fully compatible with CISCO's UDLD protocol
VLLP Support, Use with VRRP routing
ARP Support static and dynamic ARP
Static routing Support
VLAN interface Support 32 VLAN interfaces
L3 routing protocol
RIP Support RIP v1/v2
OSPF Support OSPF v2
Policy routing Support
VRRP Support
Multicast functions and protocols
Static multicast MAC address Support
MVR Support
GMRP Support
ACL access control list
ACL based on standard IP Support
ACL based on extended IP Support
ACL based on MAC IP Support
ACL based on MAC ARP Support
ACL port filtering Support
ACL based on time Support
Number of port queues 8
Queue scheduling algorithms Support WRR, RR, WDRR, SP
Classification based on port Support
Classification based on 802.1p Support
Classification based on DSCP Support
Classification based on ACL Support
QoS policy Supports mapping of different data streams to different queues
Support data stream to modify COS or DSCP value
Support the speed limit of data stream
Support data stream statistics
Support data stream mirroring
DHCP Client Support
DHCP Snooping Support
DHCP Relay Support
DHCP Server Support
DHCP option 82 Support
ACL Support Standard IP / Extend IP / MAC IP / ARP
Security Features Support MAC-based 802.1X authentication
Support AAA/RADIUS authentication
Support WEB/Telnet password protection
Self-protection Support CPU Self-protection
CLI Support CLI (Commend Line Interface) configuration mode
Console Support Configuration via the console port
Telnet Support Local/remote configuration via Telnet
WEB Support Web management system
SNMP Support System configuration with SNMP v1/v2c
User Management Support Multi-user management
System Log Support
Configuration File Download/Upload Support Download/Upload configuration File via WEB/TFTP/USB
Upgrade Firmware Support Upgrade Firmware via WEB/TFTP
PING Support
Telnet client Support
EAN-13 Code 6971690792725
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