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Displayport To VGA Female 0.15m


Displayport to VGA adapter for MacBook
The display port to VGA adapter (metal case) is for MacBook, MacBook pro, and MacBook air with mini display port for standard VGA displays like LCD monitors, CRT, and projectors
It is usually white/black color with elegant and convenient size that offer a scalable, unified, and cost effective interface for embedded external display applications
Supports display port 1.1a receiver with 5.4Gbps bandwidth
Supports triple 10-bit, 162MHz video digital to analog converter for VGA analog signal output
Supports up to 1,080p and 1,920 x1,200 reduced blanking video resolution
Supports extended display identification data pass through from PC source to output display
Supports spread spectrum transmission for EMI reduction
Supports high quality digital audio transmissions option and automatic sink detection
Supports low power standby mode operation based on sink detection status.
Plastic Housing
Compatible with: iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook

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