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  • Strict selection of ICs with excellent operation performance
  • Products being approved through strict test and verification procedures
  • Integral seamless design being adopted for heat sink for effective improvement of heat dissipation
  • Warranty 1 Years
  • TMD38G1600HC11-S01

Shows the excellent operating performance

The new MAC SO-DIMM is a breakthrough with a design of SO-DIMM in conjunction with the heat sink, which is seldom in the market, such that not only chip can be protected from the collision, but also excessive heat can be dissipated rapidly and efficiently to provide the more stable operating environment. Together with aluminum material and extreme-light ultra-thin heat sink, it corresponds to Macbook / Macbook Pro skillfully and leads memory to be light. TEAM MAC inherits TEAMGROUP with respect to consistent insistence on quality by using memory grains screened and tested by TEAMGROUP strictly, such that pretty excellent operating performance is shown. In addition, various capacity designs are promoted intimately to meet endless upgrade requirements of users for one-time upgrade accomplishment.

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Product Dimensions 67.6 x 30 mm
CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS 1066 : 7-7-7-21/Auto
1333 : 9-9-9-24/Auto
1600 : CL11-11-11-28
DRAM Density 256x8/ 512x8
Data transfer bandwidth 1066 : 8,500MB/s (PC3 8500)
1333 : 10600MB/s (PC3 10600)
1600 : 12,800MB/s (PC3 12800)
Heat Sink YES
Capacity 8 GB
Working voltage 1.35V/1.5V
Warranty 1 Year
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