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  • Position a display/monitor in a convenient viewing area while the transmitting content over a CAT5e cable from a cleaner, more secure environment.
  • Ideal for digital signage applications in financial, educational, medical and business sectors.
  • Perfect for video conferencing solutions in boardrooms and office settings.
  • Optimize placement of your demo stations at trade-shows and in auditoriums.
  • HLHC050H

The HLHC050H kits include transmitter and receiver. Transmitters combine HDMI video, audio and control signals, then transmit them through single CAT5e cable. Receivers get these signals, separate signals and rebuild video, audio and control ones, output through HDMI interfaces. It also supports bi- direction remote IR (RX-;TX and TX-;RX), EDID call back, and both input and output HDCP 1.2 compatible. This product can achieve all functions through single CAT5e cable. Extending distance is 50 meters for 1080p 60Hz HD signal.
1080P: 170ft (50meters)-CAT5e/ 270ft (80meters)-CAT6; 720P/1080i 270ft (80meters)-CAT5e/ 330ft (100meters)-CAT6
Support audio formats, Dolby True HD, DTS-master, etc.
Support 3D signals (all 7 formats), such as Frame Packing, Side-by-Side, Top-to-Bottom, etc.
Bi-direction remote IR (RX->TX and TX->RX).

  • Full 3D Support
  • HDMI 1.3v and HDCP 1.2 comoliant
  • Supports all latest HDMI audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD
  • Extends the transmission length up to 270ft from the HDMI sources under HD resolution (1080i or 720p) and 170ft under 1080p or 1920*1200 60Hz
  • Supports EDiD call back
  • Supports CEC pass through
  • Supports Bi-directional IR pass-through
  • VESA DDC and hot swap techonology (HPD)
  • Metal case, easy to install.

Accessories Extender
Interface HDMl input, IR output (3.5 mm),IR input (3.5mm),RJ45 Ethernet interface, 5V DC in HDMl output, IR output (3.5 mm),IR input (3.5mm),RJ45 Ethernet interface, 5V DC in
Power <3.S WTX or <2.5 WRX <3.5 WTX or <2.5 WRX
Dimension (LxWxH):100x65x26mm (LxWxH): 100x65x26mm
Net weight 0.2kgperunit 0.2kg perunit
Video bandwidth Maximum TMDS clock frequency 165MHz, 4.95Gbps Maximum TM OS dock frequency 165MHz, 4.95Gbps
Resolution and distance 108DP,170ft (50 meters)-CAT5e/270ft (80 meters)-CAT6 720P/1080i, 270ft (80 meters)-CAT5e/330ft (100 meters)-CAT6 108DP,170ft (50 meters)-CAT5e/270ft (80 meters)-CAT6 720P/1080i, 270ft (80 meters)-CAT5e / 330ft (100 meters)-CAT6
Audio formats 8-channel,support Dolby True HD and DTS Master 8-channel,support Dolby True HD and DTS Master
TMDS inputsignal 1.2 volts (pointtopoint) 1.2 volts (pointtopoint)
DOC input signal Svolts(pointtopoint) Svolts (pointtopoint)
Indicator Power-Red,videolink-Blue Power-Red,videolink-Blue
HOMlinterfacestandardr HOMI 1.3 standard (HOMI 1.4 30 function), HOCPl.2,supportCEC,EDIO HDMI 1.3 standard( HOMI 1.4 30 function), HDCP 1.2, support CEC, EDIO
Remote lR 38KHz 38KHz
ESOlevel HBM±8kV(ContactOischarge} HBM±8kV(ContactOischarge)
Temperature range 0 ~ 40'C (operation), -20~60'C(stock) 0~40'C(operation), -20~5o'C(stock)
Compliance FCC;CE;RoHS FCC;CE;RoHS
Accessories Extender